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What is going on at JHU?

The HUDL initiative has created resources that can help you implement universal design and inclusive teaching practices, including:

  1. Inclusive Online Teaching Teach-out course on Coursera:A free, publicly available, two-week, course focused on examining students’ barriers to learning, including conscious bias, physical impairments, and lack of motivation. It also provides participants the opportunity to explore and discuss how inclusive pedagogy and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can help to address learning barriers and improve student learning outcomes.
  2. UDL Rubric: A resource to help you implement UDL practices.
  3. Video of session with Dr. Nicole Ofesh (below): An informational webinar introducing the initiative to the Johns Hopkins community, featuring Dr. Nicole Ofiesh, founder and director of Stanford University’s Universal Design for Learning Innovation Studio.

The HUDL initiative is finishing out 2020 with a focus on developing a new hub for information and resources on UDL and the HUDL initiative. They hope to launch it early in the new year, 2021!


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