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Student Accounts (Billing)

In the first phase of implementation, efforts in this area centered on streamlining manual paper-based processes, enhancing the use of existing technologies, and redeploying existing resources in a more efficient manner to better serve students.

Currently, efforts are being focused on laying the foundation for a shared services organization that would handle registration, financial aid and student accounts processes across the divisions. More information about the vision for this organization can be found on our future state vision page.

What We've Accomplished:

- Conducted extensive data analysis and planning to shift third-party billing and payment application to a small dedicated team
- Launched third party payer team and centralized websites with third party payer resources for all students
- Developed a new web form for students to submit required third-party payer information, track status of third-party payments
- Converted processes to paperless methods - all Student Accounts offices now have foundational access to OnBase
- Provided users with real-time status updates in self-service
- Hired inaugural university Director of Student Accounts (Heather Vetzner)

What's In Process:

- Reviewing and refining other processes and policies across all JHU schools
- Continuing to build out workflow, increase collaboration and coordination across offices (Billing, Registration, Financial Aid) as well as schools
- Establishing knowledge base for implementation of call center for Homewood SA (April 2020)

Goals / Expected Outcomes:

  • Enhanced convenience for students due to more paperless processes, fewer required in-person visits
  • Simpler and faster means for students to upload third-party payer information and details into a standardized webform
  • Greater ability for students to track / understand billing status through real-time updates in self-service
  • More efficient process and fewer errors, freeing staff to focus on complex high-touch billing issues
  • Better, more consistent relationships with third-party payers
  • Better cash management practices and reduced risk due to errors

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