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Career Services

Based on research from the Assessment phase, Career Services was identified as an area of high priority for the SSEI project. Much of the focus of the first phase of implementation was on Career Services. Working with colleagues across all nine schools and our colleagues on the University Information Systems (UIS) team, launch Handshake, a platform connecting prospective employers with Hopkins talent, across all nine schools. In tandem with Handshake, we also launched an employer engagement platform, to help career services staff across the university enterprise cultivate and maintain relationships with prospective and current employers. Jean-Amiel Jourdan, director of Global Careers at the Nitze School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a key player on the career services working group, had this to say about his experience using the employer engagement platform:

The university also hired a new vice provost, Farouk Dey, whose vision extends beyond advocating for career services at JHU. Provost Dey is leading efforts to transform Hopkins into an environment wherein students of all levels across the divisions can more closely connect higher education with their life aspirations.

What We've Accomplished:

- Launched a universal career planning resource website to help students of all levels, fields of study and career trajectories. This resource hosts general information about career development and job seeking, as well as providing access to proprietary fee-based resources such as GoinGlobal, Case Questions Interactive, Skillsoft, Interview Stream, and others that benefit all students.
- Selected and launched Handshake as the common platform for career services resources for students across the nine different schools. Handshake also serves as the common access point for employers interested in Hopkins students and alums
- Expanded access to professional development tools (Skillsoft) to students
- Hired Farouk Dey, vice provost of integrative learning and life design
- Developed a multi-tiered approach to supporting Handshake functionality across the nine schools
- Handshake Operations Team formed to support Handshake functionality across all nine schools

What's In Process:

- Supporting Vice Provost Dey and career centers by helping host regular meetings to share best practices, implement new initiatives, and collaborate on events / communications

Goals / Expected Outcomes:

  • Greater student access to a broad range of jobs, career fairs, and events through university-wide system
  • Greater student access across schools and levels to resources for career planning and development
  • Greater ability for employers to recruit students from across the university enterprise
  • Single-entry, easier access point for employers
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