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Current Implementation Work

Current Status of SSEI:

Based on the recommendations from students, faculty, staff and alumni during the initial assessment phase, we have been implementing changes in processes and systems in six key areas of work: Career Services, Recruitment and Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid, Billing and Advising. You may find more detail about specific projects and key players in each area by visiting each workstream’s page.

SSEI has completed work on the initial implementation phase, which emphasized major systems implementations in the areas of Career Services and Graduate Admissions). In our current phase, we will be focusing on four related efforts to improve student services: process standardization and digital workflow, unified digital student record, technology enhancements and shared services.

graphic of student services chart

Shared Services Work:

Currently, we are gathering and analyzing all of the processes that occur across these functions, with data and input provided by each of the schools. These efforts are being lead by the functional leaders of each of the Registration, Financial Aid and Billing workstreams:

  • Tom Black, University Registrar
  • Tom McDermott, Assistant Vice Provost of Financial Aid
  • Heather Vetzner, Director of Student Accounts

Their work is governed by a Shared Services Oversight Committee, which includes representatives from all nine schools across different areas of work (including faculty, student services, and finance):

  • Marie Nolan (co-chair), School of Nursing (SON) – Executive Vice Dean
  • Chad Clapsaddle (co-chair), Whiting School of Engineering (WSE) – Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
  • Chris Bauman, Carey Business School – Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
  • Linda Nathan, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS) – Assistant Dean for Finance
  • Jennifer Dotzenrod, SON – Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
  • Kevin Fogarty, School of Medicine (SOM) – Sr. Director of Finance Operations
  • Paul Gasior, University Administration (UA) – Sr. Director of Accounting
  • Beth Harry, Office of Hopkins Internal Audit (OHIA) – Internal Audit Manager
  • Dan Horn, WSE – Associate Dean for Engineering Professionals
  • Mary O’Connell, Assistant Vice Provost, Finance and Administration; Divisional Business Officer for Student Services
  • Fernanda Pio Roda, School of Education (SOE) – Sr. Associate Dean of Finance and Administration
  • Joe Rooney, Peabody Institute – Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
  • Noemi Rice, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) – Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
  • Michael Ward, Bloomberg School of Public Health (BSPH) – Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

Digital Tools:

We have also partnered with University Information Systems to develop and launch a new case management system, which will allow students, prospective students, parents and others to submit requests for assistance with course registration, financial aid and student accounts. This system is a critical step towards setting up a shared services organization.

Users can submit requests using this tool (in lieu of calling or emailing various offices or departments). This will significantly reduce the number of times a student is referred to another staff, as well as provide staff with a more comprehensive view of a student’s needs.

This system was officially launched in the Homewood Schools (WSE and KSAS) on December 15th; it will be rolled out to other schools throughout 2021.

Guiding Principles:

As we implement changes to systems and processes used throughout the university, here are the four main principles that guide our work:

Focus on the ultimate student / faculty experience:

  • Create a climate for change by developing solutions focused on the ultimate student/faculty experience
  • Prioritize impact on student/faculty experience over jurisdiction
  • Position students and faculty to reap the benefits of being part of “One University”

Streamline and simplify:

  • Collaboratively develop common student processes and data across JHU, while still respecting school and divisional differences (including local service delivery)
  • Engage and empower various constituencies across the university throughout the project
  • Make collaboration across schools and divisions easier
  • Make compliance with legal/regulatory requirements consistent and easily achievable

Look forward, not back:

  • No “sacred cows”: avoid doing something a certain way just because something has “always been done that way”
  • Strive to implement processes and systems that enable us to better serve our students, both now and into the future
  • Focus on how to improve while also being mindful of resources

Use objective analysis and best practices to inform our decisions:

  • Make informed decisions by utilizing easy-to-use management reporting processes and technology
  • Increase data accessibility
  • Openly compare ourselves to peers and learn from best practices

Interested in learning more about what we are currently doing as part of the implementation phase for SSEI? Email us with any questions you may have at!

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