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Student Enrollment and Account Management (SEAM)

The Office of Student Enrollment and Account Management (SEAM), a centralized, modernized and integrated student services operation, is a key step in enhancing the overall student, staff and faculty experience at Hopkins. SEAM, which officially launches in July of 2021, will use a student-focused approach with a knowledgeable and highly trained cross-functional student support services team. SEAM will be led by the new Assistant Vice Provost for Enrollment Services. The enrollment services student support operation will be led by Tanya Johnson, Inaugural University Director of SEAM Student Support Operations.

SEAM, a major component of the SSEI project, was created to improve student services through the enhancement of processes and systems in three areas: student accounts, financial aid, and registration. Other improvements include enhanced digital self-service tools, a newly deployed student case management system, and accessible online resources for students across all divisions. The mission of SEAM is to deliver a high-quality, modern service experience to our student and divisional constituents, while operating in a financially responsible and compliant manner that provides rewarding opportunities for our staff.


During our assessment phase, we learned that multiple administrative offices are typically involved in a student support process, resulting in students and staff being shuffled between offices. This can be challenging and time-consuming for students, leading to missed messages and stressful delays. When students experience a financial issue, it can be unclear where or whom to go to first to resolve the problem. Additionally, administrative staff in these areas all rely on information and decisions generated by other offices and functions, but often lack easy access to such information. SEAM was formed to alleviate the administrative burden on students and staff, allowing students to focus on their academic journeys while at JHU.

SEAM Oversight

Efforts to create the foundation for this organization have been led by functional leaders within our Registration, Financial Aid, Student Accounts and Student Support Operations workstreams:

  • Tanya Johnson, University Director of SEAM Student Support Operations
  • Tom McDermott, Assistant Vice Provost of Financial Aid
  • Sarah Mariner, University Director of Financial Aid Operations
  • Craig Smith, Deputy University Registrar
  • Heather Vetzner, University Director of Student Accounts

Their work is governed by the SEAM Oversight Committee, which includes representatives from all nine schools across different areas of work (including faculty, student services, and finance):

  • Marie Nolan (co-chair), School of Nursing (SON) – Executive Vice Dean
  • Chad Clapsaddle (co-chair), Whiting School of Engineering (WSE) – Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
  • Chris Bauman, Carey Business School – Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
  • Linda Nathan, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS) – Assistant Dean for Finance
  • Jennifer Dotzenrod, SON – Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
  • Kevin Fogarty, School of Medicine (SOM) – Sr. Director of Finance Operations
  • Paul Gasior, University Administration (UA) – Sr. Director of Accounting
  • Beth Harry, Office of Hopkins Internal Audit (OHIA) – Internal Audit Manager
  • Dan Horn, WSE – Associate Dean for Engineering Professionals
  • Mary O’Connell, Assistant Vice Provost, Finance and Administration; Divisional Business Officer for Student Services
  • Fernanda Pio Roda, School of Education (SOE) – Sr. Associate Dean of Finance and Administration
  • Townsend Plant, Peabody Institute – Associate Dean for Enrollment and Student Life
  • Noemi Rice, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) – Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
  • Michael Ward, Bloomberg School of Public Health (BSPH) – Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

At SEAM, the focus of every decision is student-centered. If you are current staff and are highly motivated in helping shape the future of student services at Hopkins, we invite you to join the SEAM team.

Please note that the application and interview process is completely confidential. More resources and information about applying as an internal candidate can be found on the HR website.

Q&A Info Sessions for SEAM:

In addition to town halls, the functional leads of each of the units that comprise SEAM are offering info sessions open to all who are interested in learning more, and asking specific questions about the areas. Here are upcoming sessions currently scheduled:

Student Account Operations:

Weekly Q&As: every Friday, 4:00 – 4:50

For information and details about these sessions, please reach out to Heather Vetzner at

Student Support Operations:

For information and details about future sessions, please reach out to Tanya at

Financial Aid Operations:

For information and details about these sessions, please reach out to Sarah Mariner at


For information and details about future sessions, please contact Craig Smith at

Check back periodically for updates and additional info sessions.

Professional Development:

The Office of Human Resources has created self-paced training for staff on resume writing and interviewing via the myLearning platform (note: in order to access these links, please log in via single sign on).

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