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Recruitment and Admissions

During the first phase of implementation, the SSEI stood up a graduate admissions working group comprised of staff across the nine different schools at JHU, to gather detailed requirements and extensively vet vendors. Their work resulted in the selection of Slate as the common graduate admissions system across the university enterprise. The primary goal of selecting this common platform is to ensure a more consistent user-friendly experience for students, as well as the faculty and staff on the administrative side of the graduate admissions selection process. (For staff and faculty looking for assistance with the transition to Slate, the SSEI and UIS team has prepared a tutorial and support resources site).

As we wrap FY20, SSEI will conclude our efforts in the area of Recruitment and Admissions, as this area has now transitioned to operations mode under the purview of the Vice Deans of Graduate Education.

What We've Accomplished:

-Selected a common platform (Slate) for Graduate Admissions across the nine major schools of JHU
- Implemented Slate for full time graduate programs at the School of Education, Carey Business School, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS), Whiting School of Engineering (WSE), the Nitze School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS), KSAS Advanced Academic Programs, WSE Engineering for Professionals
- Also implemented Slate for KSAS, WSE, BSPH and SOM summer programs
- Finalized details of a visionary user experience for prospects and successful applicants
- World Education Service (WES), international student verification process, now integrated with Slate
- Parchment Services, domestic student verification process, now integrated with Slate

What's In Process:

- Implementing Slate across remaining programs in initial scope
- Transitioning to the Vice Deans of Graduate Education for operations

Who’s Involved?

Here is a list including many of the working group members across the university who have contributed their effort and time to this project, in the area of Recruitment and Admissions:

  • Christina Anderson, Operations Manager, Carey Business School
  • Brandon Boulter, Assistant Dean, Marketing/Admissions/Enrollment Management, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences / Advanced Academic Programs (KSAS / AAP)
  • Bruce Campbell, Director of Admissions, Carey
  • Ursula Cerro, Admissions Coordinator, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)
  • Sarah Ciotola, Academic Program Coordinator, KSAS
  • Anita Cunningham, Sr. Academic Program Coordinator for Graduate Student Affairs, School of Medicine (SOM)
  • Renee Eastwood, Director of Graduate Academic Affairs, KSAS
  • Andrew Goolsby-Cole, Assistant Director of Admissions, School of Education (SOE)
  • Richard Helman, Director of Graduate Admissions and Enrollment, Graduate Studies in Arts & Sciences and Engineering, KSAS
  • Erwin Hesse, Operations Manager for Admissions, Carey
  • Adrian Hinson, Academic Services Specialist, SOE
  • Dustin Hodgson, Admissions Director, KSAS
  • Colleen Hughes, Software Engineer, Carey
  • John Huling, Director of Admissions, Peabody
  • Sidney Jackson, Director of Global Enrollment and Recruitment, SAIS
  • Jessica Jones, Director of Admissions Processing and Systems, Bloomberg School of Public Health (BSPH)
  • Scott King, Director, Office of International Services
  • Taryn Mallonee, Associate Director of Admissions, BSPH
  • Valera Mazza, Associate Director of Admissions, SOM
  • Lauren McDonald, Admissions Officer, Peabody
  • Patrick Moody, Communications and Marketing Manager, KSAS / AAP
  • Monica Moore, Associate Dean of Academic Programs & Admissions, Carey
  • Karen Ohen, Director of Admissions and Joint Degree Programs, SAIS
  • David Phillips, Vice Provost for Admissions and Financial Aid, University Administration
  • Townsend Plant, Associate Dean for Enrollment Management & Student Life, Peabody
  • Suresh Rao, IT Manager, Peabody
  • Doug Schiller, Director of Admissions and Student Services, Whiting School of Engineering (WSE)
  • Lauren Szymanski, Deputy Director at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center Washington Office, SAIS
  • Sarah Tennyson, Assistant Director for Operations, School of Nursing (SON)
  • Paul White, Assistant Dean of Admissions (M.D. degree program), SOM
  • Cathy Will, Academic Program Manager, SOM
  • Catherine Wilson, Director of Admissions, SON
  • Liz Woodward, Director of Admissions, SOE

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