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Assessment of Non-Degree/Non-Credit

Non-Degree Non-Credit @ JHU

The University’s vision on learning and learners’ progress includes the whole person and their experiences in all spaces academic and experiential. The learning process starts before students matriculate at the University and continues long after they graduate. JHU also recognizes that learning occurs in formal and informal settings and collecting data in all these spaces is crucial in order to shape a holistic and complete picture of our learners. To achieve this objective, the University is implementing the JHU Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) across all divisions, while allowing possible utilization of existing systems within each division. This tool is a dynamic portfolio of the learners’ achievement throughout their lives, establishing a continuum of a lifelong learning journey.

The divisions at Johns Hopkins University have a variety of non-academic credit offerings that could fall under several categories depending on learner, employer, and practice needs. The offerings could range from Continuing Education Units, Executive Education, Continuing Medical Education, Professional Development, Internships, Experiential Education, Research Experiences, Pre-College Programs, and Practicums.

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