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What is PASS?

The Library built and maintains PASS to support submission to JScholarship and other repositories. PASS allows you to submit to multiple repositories simultaneously, saving you time. The system went live on July 2, 2018. Work will continue after July 2, to improve the interface and to allow PASS to work with other agencies like the NSF. A new function was added in November, 2018, allowing proxy submission. Faculty can allow another JH employee to upload the documents; the faculty still needs to make a final check before the submission is complete.

Some subscription journals charge a fee (often in the thousands of dollars) to make an article Open Access; they also submit the publisher’s version of the article immediately into a repository. Authors might pay this fee because they want the published version immediately available. If you are content with making the author’s final version available, however, use PASS and avoid paying that fee.

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