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Imagine Center for Integrative Learning and Life Design

A fusion of high impact practices for equitable experiences, connections, and outcomes.   The Imagine Center will serve as the home of seven departments

Life Design Lab (Career & Life Design)
Hopkins Connect (Alumni Mentorship)
Hire Hopkins (Employer Recruitment)
Hopkins Office of Undergraduate Research (Undergraduate Research)
Office of Study Abroad (Global Education)
University Experiential Learning (On-Campus Employment Services)
PHutures (Ph.D. & Postdoc students)

Our division, Integrative Learning and Life Design, believes that by integrating immersive experiences, connections, and mentoring into learning we ensure that every JHU student and alum have the same opportunity to pursue their life purpose regardless of background, field of study, or social capital.

The Imagine Center is the physical embodiment of this vision as it will be a space where students can interact with each other, as well as with alumni, employers, faculty, staff, and life design educators to find those moments of inspiration and opportunities for in-depth experiential learning so that equitable access to immersive experiences and mentoring becomes a standard feature of the JHU student journey. 

Our team of educators and faculty across the university’s nine divisions create innovative, highly experiential, and scalable programs and interventions that develop 21st century skills and empower students and alumni to be inspired and make life changing and audacious moves.


Equitable Life and Career outcomes for all graduates regardless of background and social capital.

Integrative learning journeys that inspire all learners to make the most their most audacious moves.

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