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Risk Management and Insurance Office

The objective of the Risk Management and Insurance department is to protect the university against the risk of loss that would significantly impact the operations of the University. The department analyzes a variety of financial, operational and strategic risks, assessing their frequency and severity. It also assess the potential financial exposure and advises on appropriate strategies to mitigate, avoid or transfer the risk. When appropriate, available and economically feasible, or when required by law, insurance is purchased to protect the University and its assets against substantial losses. Ordinary and recurring losses typically are self-insured.

In addition, the Risk Management Department will pursue claims against the University’s insurers, if necessary, and provide risk management advice to Johns Hopkins University’s operations in support of the University’s objectives. The Office is responsible for purchasing and maintaining all property and casualty insurance coverage and maintaining all policies and other insurance records. Together with establishing deductible and self-insured levels, the Office is responsible for maintaining sufficient reserves to pay all deductible and self-insured losses and all premiums.

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