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PHutures is the Johns Hopkins University professional development and career connections office serving all doctoral students and Postdocs, especially at the Whiting School of Engineering and Krieger School of Arts and Science. Read more about the new PHutures office.

Johns Hopkins University is hosting a PhD only virtual hiring event on October 2, 2020 called Hop to the PHuture that focuses on connecting the right candidates with the right employer and we would like to invite you to register your interest to participate!

How is our event different?

  • Unlike other career fairs, our approach is focused on providing smart recommendations that will connect you with a candidate that best fits your job description.
  • We value your time. You will not have to spend all day in a virtual booth meeting with candidates who aren’t a great fit! Data-focused matches ensure that you only attend the event, IF there are students who fit your needs and for a short period of time.
  • If selected to participate, the event is free to attend.
  • Our students come prepared. Our career office is dedicating time and resources to coach selected candidates for this event!
  • Our virtual platform uses a SmartQueue feature so conversations are even more specific and streamlined.

Who is this event for?

This event will center on hiring Doctoral and Postdoctoral trainees from the Homewood Campus. This includes, Engineers, Chemical and Biological Scientists, Social Scientists and Humanists with specialized skills! View our tableau dashboard to get an idea of the current student needs and skill sets.

What’s next?

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and we will be happy to speak with you!

PHutures Offerings


Virtual Drop-ins are Fridays at 12 noon ET

Feel free to stop in to chat, ask questions and exchange ideas! Drop in Here.

One-on-One Individual Consultations

If you are concerned about your future career directions, want to discuss your job search strategies, have me go over your resume and LinkedIn profile or even practice for a Mock Interview, please reach out to make an appointment Here.

Interested in receiving customized Job Alerts & Participating in a Fall Recruiting Event?


Virtual professional & career development events for Doctoral Students and Postdocs.

Mock Interview Practice (You don’t have to be in job search mode to practice your skills)
Fridays @ 10amRegister

PhD Chats: Career Conversations
Panel style informal conversations with experts from various backgrounds. Zoom breakout rooms will be available for more in-depth conversations with multiple panelists.

Grad Chat: Biotech Industry

PhD Chat: The NHA Advocacy Experience!

PhD Chat: Careers in Science Policy

PhD Chat: Taking Control of Your Job Search


PhD Workshops and Seminars
Essential skills based workshops that will highlight communication, teamwork, career readiness, career management, barriers to embracing success (impostor fears, dealing with failure), leadership & assertiveness and more.

More Workshops to Come

Workshop Rewinds
You can find most of our previous and upcoming workshops on the PHutures YouTube Channel. Subscribe Here!

Preview of Prior Workshops:

Small Group Workshops

Work alongside groups of ~4-5 fellow students to discuss best strategies to approach your career! Every Friday at 12 noon, log in from home or lab to quickly connect and to brush up on essential skills | Register Here.


PHutures OnDemand: The JHU PHutures Channel


Content! Content! Content!

  • Subscribe to the PHutures YouTube Channel to view previous recordings!
  • Join the PHutures LinkedIn Group
  • Stay tuned for regular Tips and Information via Email or Social Media.

PHutures Groups for Easy Access and Conversation

Stay connected with Roshni from PHutures:

PHutures WhatsApp Group: 410-804-6833 





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