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Johns Hopkins Nexus Awards

A new university-wide funding program, the Nexus Awards support research, teaching, and convening efforts anchored at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, the university’s new home in Washington, D.C.

The Nexus Awards have four independent streams: 1) research; 2) teaching; 3) convening; and 4) rapid response.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I apply for a Nexus award in more than one stream?

Yes, applicants may apply to more than one stream, but each stream requires its own proposal.

May Nexus awards be used for expansions of established projects or programs?

Yes, Nexus awards may expand established projects or programs, as long as the expansion takes place primarily in Washington, DC at 555 Penn.

Do Nexus awards require new interactions between investigators throughout Johns Hopkins?

No. Applicants for Nexus awards may have previously worked together.

Should Nexus awards focus on a particular topic or area?

Proposals do not need to focus on a particular topic.

Is there DC-based support for Nexus award recipients?

Nexus award recipients have access to DC-based support for the implementation of their awards. This support may include, for example, the creation of additional DC-based programming for students; access to training for faculty in the translation of research for policymakers; or assistance with DC-based outreach for convenings.

When will 555 Pennsylvania Avenue open? May I tour the building before it opens?

555 Penn will open in late summer 2023 as a Johns Hopkins University building. Nexus Award recipients will have the opportunity to tour the building shortly after receiving notice of their award.

Can 555 Pennsylvania Avenue accommodate wet labs or other similar facilities?

555 Penn cannot accommodate wet labs.

How many classrooms does 555 Pennsylvania Avenue have?

555 Penn has 38 classrooms that range in size from 24 to 80 seats. The building also has a host of smaller rooms that can accommodate seminar-style courses.

What size convening or conference can 555 Pennsylvania Avenue accommodate?

555 Penn can host events for up to several hundred people. The building’s theater can accommodate up to 375 people. Groups of this size can also be accommodated on the building’s conferencing levels (floors 8, 9, and 10).

May I offer a meal or gift to a public official?

As a general rule, faculty, staff, and any affiliated organization or entity should refrain from offering meals, tickets, travel, or other gifts of any value to public officials; such activity is prohibited or conditionally restricted by federal, state, and local laws. Gifts are allowed in certain situations, so please direct any questions to the offices of Federal Strategy (for federal officials) or State & Local Affairs (for officials on a state or local government level).

Now Accepting Applications

The application portal is now open for the March 30, 2023 deadline.

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