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Immersive Experiences

Experiences are the breeding grounds of inspiration. We strive to connect all immersive experiences available at JHU into the learning journey of our students and alumni.

Hopkins Office for Undergraduate Research

The Hopkins Office for Undergraduate Research (HOUR) connects undergraduate students and mentors with research, scholarship or creative activities

Global Education Office

International education is an integral component of The Johns Hopkins University academic mission. Students are able to broaden their knowledge and broaden their perspective by engaging in educational opportunities throughout the world.

University Experiential Learning

Student employment at Johns Hopkins is more than a part-time job on campus. It is a transformative experience that empowers students to design their lives, obtain transferable skills, connect with faculty and educators, develop networks of mentors, and support their education with additional income.

Center for Social Concern

The Johns Hopkins Center for Social Concern (CSC) immerses students in community engagement and volunteering opportunities that foster their commitment to social responsibility, help them develop life and work skills, broaden their networks, and ultimately design their lives.

Student Leadership and Involvement

The Johns Hopkins Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI) Office provides services for student groups and are available to advise student groups with on campus programming and events.

Experiential Learning, Carey Business School

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Experiential Learning Program immerses students in professional environments with businesses and organizations where they gain an understanding of what is needed to not only succeed but thrive in today's business world.

FastForward U

A collaborative, cross-disciplinary environment open to all Johns Hopkins students, FastForward U provides training and resources to empower emerging entrepreneurs, engineers and innovators of science, art and technology for the future.

Social Innovation Lab

The Social Innovation Lab (SIL) at the Johns Hopkins University supports innovative nonprofits and mission-driven companies.

Strategic Studies Staff Rides, SAIS

The Strategic Studies Program Staff Rides brings history to life for students and faculty as they tour the battlefields of a historic conflict.


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