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See what is happening in the world of Integrative Learning Life Design at Johns Hopkins and follow our work at #reimagineJHU.


“The University celebrates the opening of the Imagine Center” News-Letter, November 2022

“Trevor Noah to Hopkins Students: Follow Your Passion” HUB Headlines, November 2022

“10 from Hopkins Recognized with Career Impact Awards” HUB Headlines, November 2022

“A New Place for Imagination – The Grand Opening of the Imagine Center” HUB Headlines, November 2022

“Future Fest takes a new approach to professional development” JHU Newsletter, October 2022

“Inside the Imagine Center” HUB Headlines, September 2022


“A Sneak Peak of the New Imagine Center – The Hub for Integrative Learning & Life Design” HUB Headlines & Imagine JHU, December 2021

“Social Capital is More Important Than a College Majors” The Philadelphia Citizen, November 2021

“Johns Hopkins University, School of Nursing recognized for commitment to diversity, inclusion” HUB, October 2021

“Mastering Adulting” HUB, June 2021

“Farouk Dey and Sally Amoruso on Reimagining Education” MPACE News & Press, June 2021

“Creating equity in mentoring” HUB, May 2021

“Four Johns Hopkins juniors name Goldwater Scholars” HUB, Apr. 2021

“Grants from Life Design Lab expand access to summer experiences for students” HUB, Mar. 2021

“Internship pipeline helps close the equity gap during pandemic” HUB, Feb. 2021


“Defining the Power of Disruption” HUB, Nov. 2020

“Presidential Management Fellowship Program recruits second cohort” HUB, Oct. 2020

“Hopkins introduces SMILE, a new platform for finding remote and in-person jobs and internships” HUB, Sept. 2020

“Give and Bake” HUB, Sept. 2020

“The Near Future of Performance”, Johns Hopkins Magazine, Fall 2020

“Johns Hopkins, Loyola join partnership to help students facing tough job market” Baltimore Business Journal, July 2020

“Johns Hopkins awards nearly $1M to support PhD professional development” HUB, June 2020

“Nest Network places Hopkins students in summer internships with Baltimore Business” Hopkins News-Letter, May 2020

“Unemployment hardships could derail the very students who were poised to drive colleges’ enrollment” Chronicle, May 2020

“Grads face uncertain job market as coronavirus pushes companies to rescind offers” USA Today, April 2020

“This could be the worst job market for new colleage grads since the financial crisis” CNBC Mar. 2020

“A new home for PhD and postdoc professional development, life design at Johns Hopkins” HUB, Feb. 2020

CUE2 suggests changes to undergraduate curriculum” Hopkins News-Letter, Feb. 2020

University committee outlines new model for undergraduate education at JHU” HUB, Feb. 2020

Harmonious Hacking– The second Installment of PeabodyHacks challenges participants to consider how to address accessibility issues in music composition, performance, and education” HUB, Feb. 2020

15 student startups selected for new FastForwardU accelerator program” HUB, Sept. 2019

New Johns Hopkins program places students in university administration fellowships” HUB, Sept. 2019

New Life Design Lab hopes to change career culture” Hopkins News-Letter, Sept. 2019

Hopkins students give advice on how to land a research position on campus” Hopkins News-Letter, Sept. 2019

Life Design: Chasing Inspiration Instead of Checking Boxes” Johns Hopkins Magazine, Summer 2019

Johns Hopkins announces ambitious changes to the way it prepares students for careers” HUB, June 2019

PhD directors retreat focuses on career development, pathways to nonacademic careers” HUB, May 2019

Career Center to appoint school-specific directors” Hopkins News-Letter, Mar. 2019

Career champions recognized for commitment to supporting student goals, aspirations” HUB, May 2019

Shift in structure will enable Career Center to provide customized support for students” HUB, Mar. 2019

University commits $1.5M to programs that support PhD students” HUB, Mar. 2019

The Future of Biomedical Education: A Conversation with Dr. Ziegelstein” SOM Biomedical Odyssey Blog, Jan. 2019


Farouk Dey on ‘success skills,’ career planning, and how to lure professional opportunities out of hiding” HUB, Oct. 2018

New Vice Provost Farouk Dey aims to help students find their life purpose” Hopkins News-letter, Sept. 2018

Johns Hopkins unveils data, resources for doctoral students” HUB, Sept. 2018

Farouk Dey named Vice Provost for Integrative Learning and Life Design” HUB, July 2018

Career Center Celebrates Faculty and Staff who Support Student Career Development” HUB, May 2018

Second-year Students get a firsthand look at Employment Possibilities in Baltimore” HUB, Feb. 2018

Helping Handshake: Career Services Platform makes Connecting with Recruiters and Employers a Snap” Johns Hopkins Magazine, Winter 2018

Launching a Career in International Affairs” FP Guide, 2018


A New Home for Undergraduate Research at Johns Hopkins – HOUR” HUB, April 2017

The Widening World of Career Choices” SOM Biomedical Odyssey Blog, Mar. 2017


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