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We are looking for a different kind of leader and educator.

Since 2018, we have been building an unconventional organization of higher education and we need unconventional people to help reach our audacious goals. The ideal candidates for our organization are comfortable with co-working and flexible work arrangements. Our educators work within multiple offices and spaces on and off campus. Rather than assigning office or desk spaces to our teams, we have modernized our approach and assigned laptops and cell phones and expect that our teams can work from anywhere for the purpose of scaling our impact across the institution. For our new model to work, our people must present excellent skills in relationship development and engaging audiences in groups and via social media and digital outlets.

The ideal candidates are entrepreneurial, data and outcomes driven, strong in planning and execution, comfortable leading programs and interventions with groups, and enjoy developing relationships and connections with multiple stakeholders at once. Our vision is equity of outcomes for all students and graduates regardless of background or social capital. We are intensely focused on scalability of resources and services and do not utilize one-on-one appointments as a core model of our service offerings. For our transformation to continue to work and produce results, traditional one-on-one counseling and coaching services have taken a backseat to a culture of scalable programs and interventions. Educators who thrive as counselors, advisors, and coaches and do not enjoy the intense focus on scalability and metrics may not be the best fit for this organization.

The ideal candidates are effective users of social media and digital outlets to engage multiple audiences, strengthen individual and organizational brand, scale impact, and influence public opinion. Candidates who are not comfortable with the utilization of social media in a professional environment may not be a good fit for our organization.

If you are an innovative story teller, enjoy using social media to build a brand and engage audiences, love to work with groups, can work from anywhere with a laptop and a cell phone and don’t require a private office, and buy into the approach of scale rather than one-on-one services, we want you. Join our team and help us transform higher education to make life aspirations accessible to all, not just the privileged few.  



Exciting new roles and opportunities

Assistant Dean for Global Careers, SAIS

Assistant Director of Life Design – Life Design Educator KSAS Sciences

Senior Director of Life Design – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Program Lead, Hire Hopkins

Assistant Director, Career Lab, School of Nursing







More positions will be posted in the near future.


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