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PHutures is an innovative & empathy-driven career hub focused on creating equitable and scalable opportunities for doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows. Our mission is to develop a vision, strategy, and plan for enhancing the professional development, life design, alumni connections, employer engagement, and career opportunities for doctoral students and Postdoctoral fellows at Johns Hopkins University.

Meet Our Team


Executive Director: Roshni Rao, Ph.D., Connect with Roshni here.
Associate Director: Christine Kelly, Ph.D., Connect with Christine here.
Senior PHutures Fellow: Gian Molina Castro, Connect with Gian here.

How we can help?

  • Review of application materials like resumes, cover letters, research statements for Academic and Non-Academic Career paths
  • Mock Interviews to sharpen interviewing skills and confidence
  • Informational Interviews & Relationship Building
  • Discuss Salary and negotiation
  • Career Strategy & managing Impostor fears

What we offer?

  • 1:1 Consultations and Group meet-ups
  • Frequent Workshops
  • Curriculums & Courses
  • Employer & Alumni Connections
  • Scalable events & conferences

Recent Job Offers

Workshop Rewinds
You can find most of our previous and upcoming workshops on the PHutures YouTube Channel.


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Student & Postdoc Feedback

Tm thank you to the moon for helping me with mock interview as well as all the PHutures materials and workshops over the years. You helped me land the IBM intern-ship on their Responsible and Inclusive Technologies Team! Coming from a humanities-social science background, this feels like a miracle.” – Doctoral Student, KSAS

“Hop to the PHuture hiring & networking event is one of the most productive, effective and powerful networking event for doctoral students and postdocs that JHU could ever come up with. I have been in touch with so many recruiters, new hiring managers and it is all possible because of this event. I want to personally express my thanks to the team for organizing this fantastic event. They screened my resume and honestly, I have received many positive comments on it, thanks to her.”- Doctoral student, KSAS

“I had received the official internship offer letter from Tesla last Friday! I really appreciate your help and providing such a fantastic opportunity to make my dream come true!”– Doctoral student, WSE

“I had a great time and I really loved the format of the panel/Q&A with Andrea and Roshni followed by a workshop where we could learn about spoken word poetry from somebody so talented. The workshop was the perfect level of vulnerability and intimacy, where it felt therapeutic without feeling uncomfortable, and it put me in a good state of mind for the rest of the day. In addition, as a Trans attendee, it was inspiring to see a non-binary speaker and learn from them. Thanks so much for organizing this!”

“I didn’t even know what questions to ask going into the chat, but the PHutures team gave me so much to consider and tangible, easy steps to take to begin making real progress towards branding myself, so to speak.”

How to make an appointment

To schedule an appointment, email Roshni directly at or Christine Kelly at

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