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PHutures is an innovative & empathy-driven career hub committed to creating career opportunities for doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows across Johns Hopkins University PHutures offers individualized support and programmatic initiatives that connect doctoral students and postdocs with people, places, and opportunities as they leverage their degrees into impactful careers. 



Meet our Team 

Roshni Rao 

Executive Director of Doctoral and Postdoctoral Career Design 

 Tyler Sluder 

Associate Director of Employer Engagement and Experiential Learning 

Danielle Gabriel 

Associate Director, PHutures  

Meg Swaney 

Presidential Management Fellow 

Gian C. Molina-Castro, 2021- present 

Sr. PHutures Fellow, Strategy and Operations Manager 

Aira Sarkar, 2022- present 

PHutures Fellow  

Eben Woo 

Career Training and Content Designer 

 Syed Yusuf Ali 

Web Content Designer and Developer

How we can help 

  • Review application materials like resumes, cover letters, research statements for Academic and Non-Academic Career paths 
  • Facilitate Mock Interviews and discuss strategies to sharpen interviewing skills and enhance confidence 
  • Informational interviews 
  • Discuss techniques for salary negotiation 
  • Career Strategy & managing Impostor fears 


What we offer 

  • 1:1 Consultations and Group meetups 
  • Professional Development Workshops 
  • Employer Panels and Networking Events  
  • Employer & Alumni Connections 
  • Career Curriculums & Courses 
  • Flagship conferences and competitions  
  • Career development resources and videos   


Workshop Rewinds  

  • Keynote: “Identity, Intersectionality, and Self-Advocacy” with Amber Hikes, ACLU  

  • PhD Chat with Christopher L. Caterine: Author of “Leaving Academia, a Practical Guide”  

  • Academic Job Search Series – Writing an Effective Research Statement  

  • Design Your Career: Using Design Thinking to Find Your True North  


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