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PIIAC Governing Documents

The documents below govern the PIIAC and its procedures.

JHU Trustee Statement on Investment Responsibility

In 2014, the board of trustees approved the following statement, which remains in effect:

“The primary fiduciary responsibility of the university trustees in investing and managing the university’s endowment is to maximize the financial return on those resources, taking into account the amount of risk appropriate for university investment policy. If the trustees adjudge that corporate policies or practices cause substantial social impact, they, as responsible and ethical investors, shall give independent weight to this factor in their investment policies and implementation.

Through the Committee on Investments and the president, the trustees will receive and weigh advice and recommendations by the Public Interest Investment Advisory Committee concerning social issues related to those corporations in which the Hopkins endowment is separately invested.

Reflective of that position, the university has reconvened the Public Interest Investment Advisory Committee (PIIAC).”

Additional Documents

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