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Faculty Budget Advisory Committee

Faculty Budget Advisory Committee Overview

Founded in the 1970’s, the Faculty Budget Advisory Committee (FBAC) was established to give JHU faculty members a vehicle to learn about the financial condition of the university and issues that impact the Johns Hopkins workplace.

The two primary functions of the Committee are to communicate financial issues back to other faculty bodies and to provide input to senior university administrators in an advisory role. The Committee serves as a conduit of information between the various divisions and the administration on budgetary matters.

The Committee includes 14 faculty members from the divisions (three SOM, BSPH, KSAS and WSE and one from Peabody, CBS, SOE, SON, and SAIS). Click here to see the current roster. Meetings are presided over by the Provost and Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, and the CFO serves as secretary to the Committee. Staff from University Finance, Human Resources, Facilities and Real Estate, and the Provost’s Office regularly attend the meetings.

Current practice is for the Provost to appoint the Chair of the Committee to an open-ended term and to receive recommendations for faculty member(s) to join the FBAC from the dean of each division. Faculty members are then appointed to the Committee by the Provost based on those recommendations and in consultation with the dean of each division.

Changes to Faculty Membership (effective FY23)

  1. Limit FBAC faculty representatives to a single 5-year term.
  2. Limit FBAC faculty representatives to members of the faculty who hold neither a position of dean (including vice, associate, assistant, etc.) nor provost (including vice, associate, assistant, etc.).
  3. In recognition of the relative size of the School of Medicine, to add one additional member for the SoM with the expectation that there will be two members representing clinical faculty and one member representing the biological sciences faculty.
  4. FBAC faculty members must be full-time professorial faculty (equivalent of full professor) and tenured in the schools that tenure faculty members.

Membership Rotation (effective FY23)

With 14 members each serving a 5-year term, there will be 3 (occasionally 2) new members per year. Rotations will commence with the longest serving members taking care not to rotate two members from one school of the FBAC in any one year.

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