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Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee

With an overarching goal of strengthening the culture of equity and inclusion for all people with disabilities, the Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee (DIAC) provides a forum for community input and advice to the Provost’s Office on matters pertaining to strategies, policies, and procedures that foster a community that embraces and respects disability as a component of diversity; encourages and prioritizes sustainable programmatic, communication and universal design objectives that improve the campus experience for people with disabilities; identify and make recommendations for addressing common challenges experienced by the disability community, and provide critical feedback on the implementation of specific programs and services for the disability community as well as education and training for the larger community. The DIAC will not have responsibility for day-to-day operations.

The DIAC will establish liaisons, as needed, with an array of campus partners to include student affairs, student health & well-being, academic affairs, institutional equity, diversity & inclusion, IT@JH, facilities and real estate, and general counsel as well as other offices as necessary to provide information on current policies, practices, programs, challenges, trends and assist with benchmarking.

The DIAC is a Hopkins-wide leadership group comprised of students, faculty, and staff throughout the various schools and divisions with broad representation from the Johns Hopkins community. The chair of the committee and the majority of the membership will represent the diverse lived experience of people with disabilities. Initial faculty and staff appointments to the DIAC will be for two years and members can be reappointed. Students must be currently enrolled at the university to serve on the DIAC and will serve one-year terms.



Kerry Devlin, Sr. Music Therapist, Neuro Movement Disorders, SOM, Chair, Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee (DIAC)

Faculty Representation

Kerry Devlin, Sr. Music Therapist, Neuro Movement Disorders, SOM, Chair, Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee (DIAC)
Toby Gordon, Professor, Faculty and Research, CBS
Jennifer Schrack, Associate Professor, Epidemiology, BSPH

Student/Learner Presentation

Elise Favia
Applied and Computational Mathematics
Fourth‐year graduate

Nicholas Nicky Maxwell
International Relations
First-year graduate

Ikshu Pandey
Materials Science & Engineering Neuroscience
Third‐year undergraduate

Emily Xiao
Third‐year doctoral

University Staff Presentation

Angela Gilmour, Group Supervisor, DCL/APL
finnigan madison, Student Support Specialist, SEAM Student Support
Tessa McKenzie, Associate Director, Hopkins Connect, Life Design Lab

Provost Office Liason

Kevin Shollenberger, Vice Provost, Student Health and Well‐Being

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