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Integrative Learning and Life Design

We believe that by integrating immersive experiences, connections, and mentoring into learning, we ensure that all students and alumni have the same opportunity to pursue their life purpose regardless of background, field of study, or social capital. To achieve this, our team of educators and faculty across the university’s nine divisions create innovative, highly experiential, and scalable programs and interventions that develop 21st century skills and empower students and alumni to be inspired and make life changing audacious moves.

Immersive Experiences

Experiences are the breeding grounds of inspiration. We strive to connect all immersive experiences available at JHU into the learning journey of our students and alumni.


Connections give people wings and empower them to make audacious moves. By leveraging our powerful global network of 220,000+ alumni, we ensure that every graduate has equitable access to mentors and employers of choice.

Life Design

Career planning is out, life design is in. We no longer ask people what they plan to do with their lives. Instead, we engage them in experiences that inspire them and empower them to make audacious moves.

In the News

It’s an exciting time at Johns Hopkins. See what is happening in the world of Integrative Learning Life Design at Johns Hopkins and follow our work at #reimagineJHU.

Farouk Dey

Meet the Vice Provost for Integrative Learning and Life Design

Join our Team

We are inspired and have rolled out our own audacious vision to integrate life design, experiential learning, and mentoring in the academic and co-curricular experience for all students and postdoctoral fellows. We will not rest until every student and postdoctoral fellow will have the ability to pursue life purpose regardless of background, field of study, or social capital. If this vision speaks to you, we want you to join our team.


Office of the Provost

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