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Benefits Information for PhD Student Workers

Benefits Information

Benefits information and the enrollment process guidance is available on the PhD Benefits Resource Page.

Need-Based Relocation Assistance

Need-based relocation assistance information can be found here.

International Employee Fund

Current PhD student employees who are covered under the TRU-UE Collective Bargaining Agreement and who have incurred visa fees specifically for study at JHU in a PhD program are eligible to receive a reimbursement.

PhD student employees may request reimbursement for required visa fees (see below) beginning on July 1 each year. If July 1 does not fall on a business day, the request process will open on the first business day of July. Reimbursements will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis until the funds are exhausted. 

Individuals who will begin their PhD program in a future term will become eligible for reimbursement once their first term of enrollment in the U.S. begins.  Eligible fees can be reimbursed regardless of when the fee was paid, so long as the fee is directly related to the student employee’s JHU PhD program.  Once the fund is exhausted for the year, student employees who did not receive reimbursement may apply in the next cycle.

Fees eligible for reimbursement include:

  • SEVIS I-901 fee for JHU PhD program
  • Visa application, MRV fee for JHU PhD program
  • Visa reciprocity fees for JHU PhD program
 Fee Type Reimbursement Amount
 F-1 SEVIS Fee $350
 J-1 SEVIS Fee $220
 F-1/J-1 MRV Fee $185
 F-1/J-1 Visa Reciprocity FeesReciprocity Fees by Country

Fees that are Ineligible for Reimbursement:

  • Any F-1/J-1 visa or SEVIS fees related to study at another institution or at JHU in another degree program or level, other than PhD.
  • Any F-1/J-1 visa fees already covered by the Relocation Assistance program.  Employees who received this relocation assistance will have $500 deducted from the amount of funds they are eligible for through the International Employee Fund.
  • Fees already covered by another entity, such as Fulbright, the home or U.S. government, scholarship granting agency, etc.  Individuals are eligible for only one reimbursement for each expense.
  • Visa and immigration fees not directly related to attendance and enrollment at JHU

Complete request forms will be reviewed in the order received.  Employees will receive an automated email confirmation letting them know the request has been received.  If processed for reimbursement, the employee will get a second email confirming the amount of funds that will be reimbursed.  In the event that the fund is exhausted for the year and/or a reimbursement is not possible, employees who submit a request will be notified by email that all funds have been distributed and that they may attempt another request after July 1 of the following year. 

Reimbursements will be processed via payroll after the end of the month in which the request form was submitted.  Reimbursements are subject to 14% U.S. tax withholding as a taxable benefit.

To submit a reimbursement request form, click hereIf you receive an “Access Denied” message, the window to request a reimbursement has not yet opened or the funds for the current fiscal year have been exhausted.

Clear, complete copies of the F or J student visa and fee receipts must be submitted as part of the request.  Requests submitted with missing or incomplete documentation will need to be resubmitted and will be processed in the order received once complete. If you experience issues accessing the form, email [email protected]. If you have other questions about the reimbursement request process, email [email protected].

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