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Second Commission on Undergraduate Education

In January 2002, Johns Hopkins formed the Commission on Undergraduate Education to identify the core values that should characterize the undergraduate experience of our students. The recommendations listed in the Commission’s final report helped guide the university in its mission to graduate informed and engaged global citizens. Since this report was published, the landscape of higher education has changed significantly. Assumptions about the nature of education, the manner of its delivery, the funding model, and more are now being questioned by educators across the country. Students’ expectations about their co-curricular experience have also changed significantly. To ensure Johns Hopkins continues to evolve and improve the way it prepares students for future success, President Daniels and Provost Kumar are convening a Second Commission on Higher Education (CUE2).

The commission’s charge is to interpret the mission of an undergraduate education in the 21st century and develop a new model that will serve us for the next decade or more. The commission will be asked to think broadly and creatively about (1) how to support and encourage students to define their own education by allowing them to explore and pursue their own interests, (2) how to create a holistic curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular experience, and (3) how to develop the pedagogy and infrastructure needed to support these objectives. The commission is urged to be fearless in questioning the assumptions behind traditional models and approaches and be ambitious with its recommendations. In order to provide the commission with ample time for discussion and review, CUE2 will be given approximately 16 months to deliberate.

For More Information about CUE2

The commission developed a the draft report  from its findings and recommendations, and feedback on that report from the Hopkins community is now being incorporated into a final report. If you would like additional information on the Second Commission on Undergraduate Education, please contact Janet Schreck at or 410-516-2855.



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