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Provost’s Fellows Program


The Provost’s Fellows Program provides academic leadership experience in key central administrative roles for faculty and administrative staff at the Johns Hopkins University.  Each Fellow studies in depth an issue of strategic importance to the university and prepares for the Provost a set of recommendations for implementation.

Program Background

Through the early years of career development, faculty members at research institutions pursue individual research, participate in teaching and service activities, and engage in cross-disciplinary scholarly activities.  Yet, in all of these experiences, there are few focused learning opportunities that center on the development of leadership skills.  Therefore, newly appointed leaders often find that they must acquire deeper knowledge of the institution, of the higher education system, and of leadership and management skills at precisely the time they are asked to perform and succeed in their new role.

The Provost’s Fellows Program began at Johns Hopkins University in 2011 in order to provide an opportunity for administrative leadership development.  Fellows are chosen based on their experience, interest, and aptitude for academic leadership.  The program places these highly talented, high-potential faculty members in central leadership and administrative positions.

In close collaboration with Vice Provosts, Fellows develop projects that enhance the academic mission of the university. Fellows also participate in activities within the Provost’s Office, serve on committees and task forces sponsored by the Provost, and serve as representatives of the Provost’s Office as they work on related activities.  The typical Fellow position is for one or two years with 20% FTE appointments.

Learn about the current and former fellows

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