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Public Access Submission System (PASS)

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Created by the Digital Research & Curation Center – Sheridan Libraries, the Public Access Submission System (PASS) supports simultaneous submission to NIH’s PubMed Central and the Hopkins institutional repository, JScholarship, thereby aligning funding agency’s public access and JHU’s open access policy compliance. The Digital Research and Curation Center has also been awarded a grant from NSF to explore how PASS can be updated to support simultaneous deposit into other federal funder repositories in addition to PubMedCentral.

PASS also provides an easy mechanism for Hopkins faculty without NIH grants to deposit research easily into just JScholarsip. 

With a DOI, it’s even easier. Once logged into PASS with your Hopkins credentials, paste in your DOI, and PASS will auto-populate all of the data entry screens on your behalf, making your article’s submission into an open repository smooth and seamless.

Remember: most journals allow you to post versions of your research. Posting a version of your research, like your author’s final manuscript, allows you to share your research widely and comply with the Johns Hopkins Open Access Policy.

Questions or feedback? Contact Robin Sinn (Homewood campus) or Caitlin Carter (East Baltimore campus).

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