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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we have received, either during our town hall sessions, via email or web-form, or in person. If you’d like to submit a question, you can do so by filling out the form to the right on this very page!

How are you sharing job opportunities that arise?

Jobs will be shared in a number of ways: via email from the SSEI team, as well as via an internal “HR microsite” that is currently in development (expected sometime in March). Please be sure to apply as an internal candidate via Success Factors.

Where will the new shared services “one-stop” offices be located?

We are planning to create One-Stop offices in East Baltimore, at Homewood and in D.C. We will also work with Carey, School of Education, and Peabody to host “pop-up” one-stop shops during peak times. We are working with JHU Facilities to determine exact locations and will share additional information as it becomes available.

Where will I work if I work in the functional operations office?

We expect that functional operations staff will be collocated in one location, but do not yet know where. We are working with JHU Facilities on this and will share additional information as it becomes available.

Will the one-stop shop include a chat option?

We are planning to implement AI chat bot technology. Additionally, we will be working with staff during the future state design process to assess other ways to deliver virtual services to students, parents, etc., including chat or virtual (Skype or Zoom) sessions.

Will the SSO serve post-docs?

Yes, anyone who registers for classes, manages their student account, or receives financial aid will be able to visit the One-Stop offices. However, the office will not oversee employee benefits/paychecks; those matters will be managed by existing offices/departments at each school.

How will you manage/oversee the call center to make sure it’s providing the same level of customer service, providing quality answers, and meeting metrics/goals?

We are planning to ensure quality by setting and measuring both quantitative metrics (call volume, wait times, etc.) and qualitative metrics (satisfaction results). We plan to hire One-Stop staff who will be charged with overseeing quality and metrics for the call center and any other vendors with whom we partner.

How do we plan for inclusion of the SSO’s new tools/software on our divisional websites?

We will be working closely with divisions as we implement apps, software tools and shared services websites. We plan to establish a working group to focus on this topic in the coming months and will include representatives from each division.

How will we still ensure representation from financial aid (or other offices) during prospective student visits, admissions info sessions, etc.?

While functional operations staff will be located off-site, we will work with divisions to ensure that they can have enough on-site coverage for events like these. We expect to further refine the details of how this will work in the coming months as we design the future state.

Will SSEI tackle payroll? Counseling? Other areas?

No, SSEI’s focus is only on student administrative services, specifically financial aid, registration, and student accounts for Shared Services purposes.


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