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Institutional and Learning Assessment

Johns Hopkins University endeavors to offer a learning experience of the highest quality in all learning spaces – curricular and co-curricular. Arising out of the interaction between teaching and learning, assessment provides a framework to ensure that all of our Johns Hopkins programs and offerings maintain rigorous standards, meeting the high expectations of students and faculty alike. The process grows out of our mission and our commitment to teaching and learning and is based on the following principles:

  • Methods used to assess learning must be appropriate to the specific discipline, skill, delivery method, type of activity and degree level
  • Multiple lines of evidence should be used to confirm learning outcomes
  • Assessment must provide value to the institution and be sensitive to local context and practices
  • Assessment must be embedded in the curriculum and ongoing activities for it to be sustainable and effective
  • Assessment results should be transparent and actionable to effect improvement

University Council on Learning Assessment

The University Council on Learning Assessment works to integrate assessment efforts across University.

Assessment at JHU

Best practices, resources and training are shared to support assessment within the university's divisions.

Team Members

Meet the Institutional Assessment Team.

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