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How do I comply with the policy?

Faculty may comply with the policy in two ways. First, they may comply by publishing their scholarly articles in an open access journal, depositing their article in an open access repository, (e.g. PubMed Central), or electing an open access option in a non-open journal. Alternatively, faculty (or a proxy) can use the Public Access Submission System, PASS, to deposit the author’s final version of the article in the JH institutional repository, JScholarship.

PASS was available as of July 2, 2018. PASS currently supports submission to PubMed Central for compliance with the following funding agency public access policies: NIH, ACL, ASPR, CDC, VA, FDA, HHMI, and NASA. It can be used as a direct substitute for the NIHMS submission system, although the final review and approval steps must still be completed via NIHMS. PASS also provides a dashboard that displays deposit and compliance status for NIH grants and associated submissions. PASS includes a link to the web-based submission forms for the Department of Education and USAID. PASS will eventually support submission to other funding agencies such as NSF and DOE.

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