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I do not have permission rights for some of the images in my article. What should I do?

You have several options if you do not have permission to openly share the images in your article.

  1. You may submit a version of your article that does not include the images unless you are submitting to PubMed Central*.
  2. You may submit two files – one file with just the text, which will be openly available, and a supplementary file with the images that will be kept in a dark archive, unavailable to readers.
  3. You may choose not to submit any part of the article, if the images are so integral to the article that it cannot be understood without the images. You do not need to notify us or ask for a waiver.
  4. You may seek approval from the publisher to include the images.

Please contact Laurel Crawford if you wish to explore these options.

*If you use PASS to submit to a funder’s repository, you must abide by that repository’s restrictions. For example, the NIH requires that all images be submitted to PubMed Central, no matter who owns the rights.

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