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Beth Blauer

Associate Vice Provost for Public Sector Innovation

Beth Blauer is the Associate Vice Provost for Public Sector Innovation at Johns Hopkins University, where she oversees the Bloomberg Center for Government Excellence and the Bloomberg Center for Public Innovation. Blauer is also an Assistant Professor of the Practice at the Carey Business School. Blauer is the former Executive Director and founder of the Bloomberg Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins. She built GovEx to be the leader in data-driven insights for city leaders and public sector practitioners from around the world, having successfully worked with over 200 mayors to advance the use of data and evidence in local governments. Under Beth’s leadership, the Centers notably hosted, led, and supported the Coronavirus Resource Center at Johns Hopkins University.

Prior to her career at Johns Hopkins University, Blauer entered public service in 2002 as a juvenile probation officer in Maryland where she was quickly promoted within the department to become its Chief of Staff.  In 2008, then Governor Martin O’Malley asked Blauer to lead his nationally recognized StateStat program, which became a national and international model for excellence in government and replicated around the globe. Following this model, Blauer then designed and launched Socrata’s GovStat platform for federal, state, and local governments. As an accomplished public servant and international expert on government performance programs for more than twenty years, Beth has dedicated her career to improving people’s lives by bringing data into governments’ decision-making processes. In 2022 Blauer was inducted in to the National Academy of Public Administration.


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