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Kevin Shollenberger

Vice Provost for Student Health & Well-Being

Kevin Shollenberger was appointed the inaugural Vice Provost for Student Health and Well-Being in August 2019 after serving as Vice Provost for Student Affairs at Johns Hopkins University since July 2013. In his role, Vice Provost Shollenberger champions the university’s student health priorities and provides oversight of the Student Disability Services division. He is responsible for coordinating the university’s current wellness, mental health, and primary care resources, to move them toward a more seamless university-wide model that removes barriers preventing students from accessing services and resources.

The creation of the Vice Provost for Student Health and Well-Being position reflects an increased investment in student well-being at Johns Hopkins. It also fulfills key recommendations of the Task Force on Student Mental Health and Well-Being, a university-wide group convened by university President Ronald J. Daniels in 2016 to ensure alignment with national best practices for supporting the mental health and wellness needs of all students. Shollenberger is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion initiatives and a trained counselor with over 30 years’ experience in the field of higher education student affairs.

Vice Provost Shollenberger came to Johns Hopkins in July 2013 with prior experience at Columbia University, the University of Hawai’i Mānoa, and American University. He served for 13 years as the chief student affairs officer for undergraduates at Columbia University, first as the Associate Dean of Students and then as the Associate Vice President/Dean of Students Affairs. During his time at Hopkins, Shollenberger has strengthened collaborations among the student affairs offices in each school; managed critical academic services; and overseen the residential, extracurricular, and other non-academic aspects of university life for more than 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students. He has also advanced the Student Services Excellence Initiative and provided overall direction for strategic planning and leadership in registration; career advising; housing and dining; student activities; athletics and recreation; health, wellness, and counseling; student jobs; and student accounts; and more.

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