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Stephanie Brehm

Director of Graduate Education

Stephanie Brehm is the Director of Graduate Education in the Office of the Vice Provost of Graduate and Professional Education. In this role, she develops and facilitates effective programs and strategic initiatives for graduate students to have excellent academic experiences which prepare them for meaningful careers. This work is in collaboration with the Vice Provost of Graduate Education, the Vice Deans of Education, members of the Doctor of Philosophy Board, and other stakeholders across the University.

Previously, Dr. Brehm worked in graduate education at Northwestern University. She developed and implemented The Graduate School’s strategic plan, reviewed doctoral and master’s curriculum and assessment, and managed interdisciplinary graduate assistantships. Dr. Brehm also organized Northwestern’s Dissertation Proposal Development Program, which teaches humanities and social science PhD students how to craft research questions and write dissertation proposals. As an administrator-scholar, she teaches in the Master’s of Science in Higher Education Administration and Policy Program in Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy.

After undergraduate degrees at Florida State University and a master’s degree at Miami University of Ohio, Dr. Brehm received her PhD in Religious Studies from Northwestern University in 2017. Her academic work uses ethnographic and media studies methods to explore the intersection of entertainment, mass media, and religion in twentieth- and twenty-first-century American society. She is also the author of America’s Most Famous Catholic (According to Himself): Stephen Colbert and American Religion in the Twenty-First Century (Fordham University Press, 2019).

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