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Zane Forshee

Director, LAUNCHPad, Marc C. Von May Distinguished Chair of Professional Studies, and Professor, Peabody Conservatory

Zane Forshee serves as the Director of LAUNCHPad and is the Marc C. Von May Distinguished Chair of Professional Studies as well as a member of the guitar faculty of the Peabody Conservatory of Music of the Johns Hopkins University. He is also co-Chair of the Guitar and Harp department of the Peabody Institute’s Preparatory Division. Additionally, Zane directs Peabody’s annual Fret Fest, Summer Guitar Intensive. Zane’s work as an artist has led to appearances worldwide including: the Palacete de Amezúa (Madrid), the Joseph Joachim Konzertsaal (Berlin), the Library of Congress (Washington, D.C.), the New York City Classical Guitar Society, and the Chimei Museum (Taiwan). “As the old adage goes, those who cannot do, teach. Apparently Zane Forshee didn’t get the memo…do not miss out on the chance to learn a thing or two from the man who makes music his life in the classroom and on stage.” (Baltimore City Paper)

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