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Hire @ Hopkins Week

Masters Talent in Business and International Relations

Hire @ Hopkins

Looking for an efficient way to interview top talent? Join us for a data-driven hiring week and get matched for first-round interviews with actively seeking graduate-level students who are globally-minded problem solvers in business, policy, and international relations. The event is completely free for companies. 

What is the event?

We connect companies 1-1 to talented graduate-level professionals who can be added to your ranks.  

By joining this hiring week, we help you connect directly to the talent you choose. If you’re interested in getting matched to students, see below! 

When is the event and the deadline?

Applications close in 3 weeks, we’re capping participation at 30 companies and yes, it’s free.

How it works

  1. Apply for your company to participate.
  2. Receive resume books tailored to your positions.
  3. Interview your top choice candidates. We’ll handle all the logistics.


  • Company application deadline: March 1st, 2021
  • Receive resume books: March 20, 2021
  • First round interviews with top candidates: April 12-16, 2021

Talent Profile

Why #HireHopkins?

  • Gain access to multiple student populations in one streamlined hiring effort.
  • Cut through the noise and be part of a select group of companies receiving the focus and attention of our top Masters talent.
  • A focus on tangible outcomes: our goal is that you will walk away with 1-5 hires.
  • Build your talent pipeline and brand among our students through this initiative, resulting in more conversions and better hires.

Data Dashboard

View information about SAIS and Carey students at Johns Hopkins University

Companies Who #HireHopkins

From our partners

Every year we allocate several internship slots specifically for Johns Hopkins students because we know they bring the experience and skill set we need here at WRI.”

— Taara Savage-El, World Resources Institute

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