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Visiting Professor Program

The Visiting Professor Program is designed to provide a funding pool to support visiting faculty and scholars. Visiting professorships that provide maximum flexibility to departments, while encouraging and incentivizing faculty diversity programming, is a key component of the FDI.  It is our hope that increased interactions with the members of our vibrant campus community will lead to future faculty appointments at Johns Hopkins.

Schools and divisions may submit requests for funding to provide full or partial support to visiting faculty/scholars whose activities support unit or school diversity goals.  The duration of the visit may vary, from one day, up to one year.  Funding amounts will vary, and will be based on the nature of the request. Approvals will be based on an assessment of how the visiting professor/scholar will support divisional and possibly campus wide diversity initiatives and priorities.

Requests for visiting professor/scholar funds will be accepted on a rolling basis until 2017-18 funding has been awarded.

Allocations will be made in order of receipt. Multiple requests from a school/division must include a priority ranking.

Step 1 – After a faculty member or department identifies an outstanding scholar whom they would like to invite to campus, the candidate’s information should be brought to the attention of the school/division vice/associate dean of faculty affairs.

Step 2 – If the school/division leadership concurs with the recommendation, an authorized representative from the Dean’s Office submits a request by email to that includes the following information:

  • Candidate’s CV
  • Cover memo (three pages maximum), addressing the three areas below:
    How bringing the scholar to campus would advance the overall scholarship, research, educational programs, and/or strategic objectives of the unit;
    The kinds of activities the visiting scholar will engage in while on campus (both within the school/division and across campus); and
    The proposed duration of the visit.

The visiting appointment should conform to school/division appointment requirements and guidelines, if applicable.

Step 3 – The Provost’s Office issues a response, either (i) authorizing the recruitment and earmarking the funding request; or (ii) denying the request for funding.

Funding is conditioned on the appointment of the candidate; schools and divisions are expected to expedite recruitments, or risk loss of the earmark.

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