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Coursera for Johns Hopkins University

Through Coursera for JHU, all JHU students, faculty, and staff have free premium access to all of the University’s offerings on Coursera.

When you log into the Coursera for JHU portal with your Johns Hopkins ID, you’ll be able to browse and enroll in any JHU course or multi-course specialization, participate in the learning activities, post in the discussion forum, and earn certificates for courses that you successfully complete.

Available courses and specializations cover a wide variety of topics, including patient safety, data science, full-stack web development, and public health, and all are developed and taught by Johns Hopkins faculty.

Access Coursera for JHU

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access through Coursera for JHU?

All active faculty, staff, and students in the University’s nine academic divisions have access.

Do JHU alumni or health system employees have access through Coursera for JHU?

University alumni and health system employees are not eligible to offerings through Coursera for JHU. However, they can browse and enroll in offerings through the main Coursera website. Recent JHU graduates may continue to use their JHED ID to access Coursera for JHU for up to 6 months after graduation.

Do I receive academic credit for the courses I complete in Coursera?

No, academic credit is not awarded. JHU’s offerings on Coursera are not official courses at Johns Hopkins University; rather, they are courses created by JHU faculty in which you can earn a certificate issued by Coursera. Coursera certificates do not represent university credit and do not come with a Johns Hopkins University transcript.

What’s the difference between taking a course through Coursera for JHU and taking a course through the main Coursera site (
Coursera for JHU gives free access to the premium experience that you would have to pay for if you accessed the course through the main Coursera website. The premium experience is the same if you enroll for free through Coursera for JHU or pay to enroll through the main Coursera website. While most courses offered through the main Coursera website have a free audit option, learners who audit a course will not be able to earn a Coursera certificate and may not earn grades on assignments or have access to certain course elements.

How do I access Coursera for JHU?

Visit and follow the instructions to “Log in with Johns Hopkins University” and join the program. If you have an existing Coursera account, you must link that account with your Johns Hopkins ID to join the program. The Coursera Honor Code allows only one account per user. Account linking also ensures ongoing access to earned certificates beyond the conclusion of the pilot.

How can I get technical help inside the Coursera for JHU portal?

Click the Help Center icon link in the bottom right corner of the Coursera for JHU portal page to access Coursera’s technical support.

How can I get help with Johns Hopkins ID authentication?

Contact the Help Desk at 410-516-HELP (4357). You can access all of the help resources from one page at :

When does the program end?

There is no set end date on the Coursera for JHU program.

I’m a member of the JHU faculty. How do I integrate Coursera offerings into my teaching?

Instructors should contact their divisional teaching and learning support units to receive guidance.  

I’m a member of the JHU faculty. How do I put a course on Coursera?

More information is available on the Digital Initiatives website. Faculty should consult with their divisional teaching and learning support unit as well as departmental and divisional leadership.



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