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Johns Hopkins MOOCs

Over five million learners across 195 countries have taken JHU MOOCs in subjects such as data science, primary care, web development, genomics, clinical trials, functional MRI, biostatistics, psychological first aid, systems science, and machine learning.

Courses and Specializations

JHU offers more than 50 MOOCs - easily accessible online courses - from more than 65 faculty members.

Resources for Faculty

An effective MOOC begins with meticulous planning. Learn about planning, production, and deployment stages.

Video Lecture Gallery

Watch videos from selected MOOCs provided by Johns Hopkins faculty.

Learner Stories

Read testimonials from people who have taken MOOCs with Johns Hopkins faculty.

By the Numbers

See key numbers around the MOOCs, including active courses and enrollments.

Copyright in MOOCs

Copyright considerations when designing and producing a MOOC at Johns Hopkins.

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