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MOOC Resources for Faculty

Developing and teaching a MOOC can be an exciting and rewarding way to connect with a global community of learners while enhancing your pedagogical toolkit — but it takes careful planning and preparation. Click on the links below to learn more about the three major steps in the MOOC development process.

icon of graph paperPlanning a MOOC  Like any course that you teach, an effective MOOC begins with meticulous planning. Take time to think ahead about your goals, your learners’ objectives, and basic instructional design principles. Instructors are often eager to jump straight to production, but good planning pays dividends for everyone in the long run.

icon of three gearsProducing a MOOC  — Once your course plan is in place, you’ll need to turn your attention to producing course content — not just lecture videos but also assessments, illustrations, transcripts, and handouts. Most of the divisional teaching and learning support units have experience with MOOC production.

icon of spaceshipDeploying a MOOC — Once a MOOC is ready to launch, instructors need to have plans and systems in place to make the most of the live course environment, the feedback from learners, and the learning community that develops around the course.

Icon of question mark in thought bubbleInquire — If you are interested in developing a MOOC and have questions about how to get started, please fill out our inquiry form below or simply email [email protected].

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