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Student Engagement

As we analyze and implement digital tools to improve the student experience, we strive to apply a human-centered, empathetic approach toward our designs. SSEI has formed a team dedicated to Student Engagement. We seek to gather input on digital initiatives and tools, but more importantly, to really understand how students feel about ideas and concepts throughout the design and implementation process.

We have adopted a user-centered design approach, which informs the way we go about obtaining input from students and other stakeholders. Critical to this is the idea that meaningful input is not a finite or a one-way conversation. A core value that we hold is users can and should participate in the design process for their own experiences.


  • Provide design insights for multiple student facing digital projects
  • Report on student satisfaction / barometer of progress with SSEI initiatives
  • Create codified / long-term student engagement process (“playbook”)

Student Engagement Team


The team is a partnership between SSEI and the Technology Innovation Center (TIC). Current team members:

Andrea Luxenberg

Andrea Luxenberg (SSEI/TIC) is a user experience (UX) and service designer with an interest in building both offline and online experiences. She believes in an empathetic, nimble approach to solving problems for customers and improving efficiencies both at a systems level and in product design.

Kim Le

Kim Le has been a project administrator with SSEI since the beginning of our implementation phase. She believes in a radically inclusive approach to understanding user experience as well as problem-solving.


Student Advisory Committee

In Fall of 2020, we also started a Student Advisory Committee, whose current membership is as follows:

  • Junjun Chen, MSE in Electrical Engineering, Whiting School of Engineering
  • Christos Dereschuk, Biotechnology, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences-Advanced Academic Programs
  • Sarah Diekman, Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Dimera Durham, Environmental Sciences, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences-Advanced Academic Programs
  • Jiaxin Feng, Marketing, Carey Business School
  • Gabriela Gonzalez, Public Health & Psychology, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences
  • Jordan Giannoni Harless, Urban Leadership, School of Education
  • Reina Hong, School of Education
  • Oumama Kabli, School of Advanced International Studies
  • William Kaihua Hou, Electrical Engineering, Whiting School of Engineering
  • Erica Hwang, Computer Science and Cognitive Science, Whiting School of Engineering / Krieger School of Arts & Sciences
  • Aanisha Jhaldiyal, Neuroscience, School of Medicine
  • Nicole Jenkinson, MD/PhD, School of Medicine
  • Jane Ko, Doctor of Nursing Practice, School of Nursing
  • Nicole McAllister, Public Management, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences-Advanced Academic Programs
  • Shareena Mundodi, Communication, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences-Advanced Academic Programs (alumnus representative)
  • Ann Marie Nolan, Molecular and Cellular Biology / Violin Performance, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences / Peabody
  • Tyshawn White, Biotechnology, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences-Advanced Academic Programs
  • Carlee Wright, School of Advanced International Studies
  • Timothy Wang, School of Advanced International Studies

Our committee members engage in high-level discussions and co-design sessions focusing on Hopkins identity (voice and branding), and offer input on key decision points as we make progress with various implementations.

Digital Experience Input Project

In addition to our advisory committee members, we also have a pool of students contacts across the university enterprise, who have expressed interest in providing user input on various digital projects. Opportunities include:

  • Surveys
  • Rapid-fire card sorts
  • On-the-spot interviews (on hold due to COVID)
  • 1:1 user interviews (via Zoom)
  • Multiday codesign sessions (via Zoom)

All students are compensated for their time, commensurate to time and effort (ranging from gift cards to stipend).

image depicting data of students reached by this project:
398 students in pipeline
135 usability tests conducted
two pie charts indicating breakdown of students by division and level (undergrad / grad)
Snapshot of students reached by our project (as of March 2, 2021)

Get Involved

If you’re a student who is interested in participating in user interviews and/or longer-term design sessions, we’d love to hear from you! Please fill out this quick intake form to get on our contacts list for opportunities that may come up.

If you’re interested in serving on the Student Advisory Committee, please contact Kim at

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