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Student Engagement

As we analyze and implement digital tools to improve the student experience, we seek to align our improvements with what students and learners at JHU actually want. Our student engagement team has adopted a human-centered design approach to obtaining input from students and other stakeholders. We believe that students can and should actively participate in the design process to iterate and improve on their own experiences.

We conduct in-depth user research by talking with students, which provides us with insights that help our technology partners make design changes and proposals. While we do some quantitative research via surveys and other tools, our emphasis is on conducting qualitative user research by way of in-depth 1:1 user interviews, pop-up tabling interviews, focus groups, and longform design thinking sessions. Projects vary depending upon the priorities set by key stakeholders, but all are aligned with the goals of SSEI – to improve the JHU student and learner experience by simplifying and streamlining administrative touchpoints. Examples of some of our current research output and deliverables may be found on the Digital Experience Platform Sharepoint site (authentication required).

If you’re a student or learner who is interested in providing input and feedback on various design and technology projects at JHU, we’d love to hear from you! Please fill out this quick intake form to get into our user database for input opportunities. All who provide input receive compensation for their time in the form of gift cards.

Our Team:

Kim Le is a senior business analyst and student engagement coordinator with SSEI. She conducts and helps coordinate user interviews with students and staff about questions related to their technology experience at JHU. Current projects include the academic advising experience and the digital experience platform.

Emily Ades is a UX designer at the Technology Innovation Center, working with SSEI on the digital experience platform. She began her career as a graphic designer in JHU’s creative services office, shifting to UX after developing a love for front-end design and user engagement. She is focused on helping to deliver an intuitive, seamless experience for the wide variety of Hopkins students who will use the platform.

Bao-Tran Nguyen is a UX Design Intern with SSEI. Current projects include facilitating user interviews, synthesizing user data, and analyzing and planning quantitative research. Bao-Tran is working towards her BA in Psychology at Johns Hopkins University. She uses her knowledge of human psychology, alongside her experiences in various student startups, to generate insights to create experiences benefiting both organizational stakeholders and individual users.

Student Advisory Committee

The SSEI Student Advisory Committee has been established to represent the student voice in technology design decisions that may impact their experience at Hopkins. The committee seeks membership with broad representation of students across all divisions, levels, and backgrounds.

Advisory committee members discuss designs and and participate in meetings, design thinking sessions, virtual demos and focus groups. They also help with communications campaigns to get the word out about changes that will impact the student experience.

The 2023-2024 SSEI Student Advisory Committee Cohort is as follows:

  • Nili Abtahi, MSE in Mechanical Engineering, Whiting School of Engineering
  • Renald Appiah, MBA in Analytics, Leadership and Innovation, Carey Business School
  • Lucciana Cabarico, BA in Natural Sciences, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences
  • Pranjal Jandial, MBA (STEM Designation), Carey Business School
  • Michelle Nguyen, PhD in Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine
  • Richa Vinodkumar Saboo, Master’s in Engineering Management, Whiting School of Engineering
  • Wenqing Tang, Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School of Education
  • Sequoia Young, Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School of Education
  • Kaitlin Zhu, MBA and Master of Public Health (STEM Designation), Carey Business School / Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Nick Zhu, PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, School of Medicine

If you have opinions and thoughts about how technology is used at JHU, and if you’re generally interested in learning more about UX design and the design thinking process — consider joining the committee! Contact Kim Le (kle8 @ for more details about how to join.

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