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Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Message from the Associate Vice Provost for Postdoctoral Affairs:

The postdoctoral fellow community at Johns Hopkins University is strong, with roughly 1600 fellows spanning eight schools and two academic centers.  Our postdoctoral fellow community is rich in diversity and our postdoctoral programs are growing.

In the Provost’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, we aim to promote the training and development of this special talent pool at our university. Our office has created polices for postdoctoral appointments, salaries and benefits; we have developed guidelines for effective postdoctoral mentoring and created a database for tracking postdoctoral training.  Here in these web pages you will find a collection of valuable resources for current and prospective postdoctoral trainees and their mentors.   We hope you have an excellent postdoctoral training experience. Welcome to JHU!

Best wishes,

Valeria Culotta, PhD

Professor and Associate Vice Provost for Postdoctoral Affairs

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