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The Postdoc Community

The postdoc population across JHU spans eight schools and two academic centers.  Our postdocs are laboratory scientists and engineers; they are scholars of the arts, of business and of education, and much, much more.  Our postdocs come from countries all over the world, from a wide range of disciplines, from diverse personal backgrounds, and a range of career aspirations.

Private Networking Group just for JHU postdocs

The Postdoc Group on JHU OneHop is a private networking group for current JHU postdocs and postdoc alums.  On the postdoc networking group, you can find postdocs with diverse interests and backgrounds, communicate and collaborate.  Please join this exclusive networking community by registering with this link.

National Postdoc Appreciation Week (NPAW)

Each year, postdocs from around the country are honored and recognized for their significant contributions to research, education and community. JHU postdocs are encouraged to participate in various NPAW activities sponsored by the postdoc associations. Please see the list of recent NPAW events.

Division-Specific Postdoctoral Websites

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