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For Postdocs With Families

The university appreciates that a large number of our postdoctoral fellows have families, often with small children.  To support postdoctoral fellows with families, the university has many opportunities and benefits, including several expansions to help address challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Family Programs – A list of programs available for postdocs and their families
  • Child Care Vouchers – To assist defraying the cost for postdocs with children in daycare
  • Scholarships to JHU Child Care Centers – Information for scholarships for postdocs with children in one of the university-sponsored daycare facilities
  • School Age Children Resources provides assistance with finding after school care, tutoring, and e-learning options
  • Care-At-Work provides free advanced membership to, assistance with backup care and adult care at subsidized rates and personalized assistance to meet your caregiving needs
  • Komae Cooperative Care is an app where parents can identify and interact with families with similar parenting styles and coordinate care for their children within a trusted network

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