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First Year Seminars

Require participation in a first-year seminar

A required first year seminar (FYS) would set the tone for the undergraduate experience by providing students with a shared introduction to university life and the opportunity to work closely with full-time faculty as they explore scholarly topics. The seminars would also provide opportunity for students to begin developing the foundational abilities enumerated above.


  • FYS pilots started in Fall 2020 in KSAS and will run through Spring 2022, each experimenting with credit weight, grading schemes, and other aspects of curricular design. Each seminar is unique to the faculty member teaching it, but all share common learning goals.
  • FYS will be required for all KSAS first-year students starting in Fall 2022, with WSE and Peabody to follow. All FYS in KSAS will be offered in the fall semester only.
  • KSAS FYS will be taught by faculty across departments and include faculty from the professional schools and other JHU divisions.

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