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Flexible Education

Increase the flexibility of the major requirements where needed to enable intellectual exploration

The model of undergraduate education CUE2 recommends retains disciplinary expertise at its center. For students to develop boundary crossing competencies, however, they should be afforded opportunity to leave their disciplines and learn elsewhere. The commission recommends a minimum of 33% of all student credit hours be un-prescribed by major-specific requirements across all undergraduate majors in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and Whiting School of Engineering.


  • The KSAS CUE2 Faculty Advisory and the WSE Faculty Senate will shepherd reform in consultation with departments/programs.
  • All 29 majors in KSAS have completed a self-study to identify the challenges and opportunities presented by the CUE2 recommendations. Preliminary implementation plans bespoke for each major will be ready in Spring 2022.
  • WSE has sent 3 major creation/revision proposals to HAC and MHEC for approval that are aligned with the CUE2 flexibility requirements. Two of these are existing BS programs that were restructured (Computer Science and Environmental Engineering) and the third is a new BS in Systems Engineering.

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