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Mentoring and Advising

Provide students with an integrated partnership of faculty mentors, staff advisors, and life design counselors

Individual mentoring is an essential element of successful undergraduate education. The commission recommends that each Hopkins undergraduate be provided an integrated team of a faculty mentor, an academic advisor, and a life design coach. This team would guide students from their acceptance into the university through their post-collegiate experience.


  • KSAS’s Office of Academic Advising (OAA) has created a new mission, student learning goals, and Year 1 curriculum to assist students within a holistic, relationship-based advising office. This new advising model launches in summer 2023 for students entering in Fall 2023; the office is continuing to hire additional academic advisors to deliver this holistic model.
  • To deliver department-based, faculty mentorship, all departments and programs in KSAS are reviewing and updating faculty advising and mentorships structures in ways that encourage and support faculty-student interaction within the major. Fall 2023 workshops and a digital toolkit on faculty mentorship best practices are under development and are being led by a newly appointed Dean’s Fellow for Faculty Mentorship.
  • WSE is making a major investment in academic advising staffing, more than doubling the number of such staff on hand to guide students through their academic careers.
  • WSE will be implementing a formal faculty mentoring program. Each student will be matched with a faculty mentor who will provide a supportive relationship and opportunities for reflective growth. To lead this effort, WSE has appointed an inaugural Assistant Dean for Faculty Undergraduate Mentoring
  • The WSE faculty mentoring system will incorporate the student’s electronic portfolio as a touchpoint for reflections and conversations with faculty mentors about academic growth and professional aspirations.

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