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One University

Enable professional school faculty to teach undergraduates more easily and often and facilitate the enrollment of undergraduates in our professional schools

Johns Hopkins professional schools are a valuable resource for our undergraduate students and their presence is a distinguishing feature of a Hopkins education, but we can make them more readily accessible. Undergraduates should have access to the full breadth of talent represented in the university’s faculty, whether it be through formal classroom instruction, mentorship, seminars, or other means. In addition, the provost should direct every division of the university to demonstrate that they have both individual courses and master’s programs open to Hopkins undergraduates from as broad a range of undergraduate majors as is reasonable, ensuring that financial assistance be available so that all qualified students may access them.


  • Efforts are underway to facilitate further interactions between the Homewood schools and the professional schools in teaching, research, and mentorship efforts.
  • Faculty from SAIS, School of Medicine, Peabody, School of Education, and the Bloomberg School of Public Health are already active in First-Year Seminars.

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