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The Hopkins Semester

Establish the “Hopkins Semester” of intensive study

This is an optional junior or senior year, semester-long, mentored, immersive experience, providing a high-level synthesis of concepts learned during students’ first and second years of coursework. Design projects, artistic endeavors, research projects, commercial ventures, professional internships, and community-based projects all serve as possible means to achieve the learning goals intended.


  • Plans are underway to develop a new, more ambitious mandate for the Office of Study Abroad to encompass immersive, experiential learning opportunities.
  • Plans are underway in KSAS for a Hopkins Semester in Washington for International Studies that would afford our students the opportunity to live in DC for a semester where they would take courses at SAIS, be involved in a research project and in an internship. Other Washington Semesters in public health, energy, museum studies have been suggested.
  • A Hopkins Semester in Baltimore is being explored that that would afford our students the opportunity to focus on urban research as it pertains to civic engagement, local and state governance and policy, and social justice.

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