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Johns Hopkins University embraces and actively supports a culture of free expression and debate in every aspect of university life, and we regularly seek to assist students in protests, demonstrations, vigils, displays and other acts of public expression. Below are links to important information regarding our policies and guidelines.

Information About Garland Hall Protest 2019

Message from Vice Provost Kevin G. Shollenberger Regarding a Meeting with Student Protesters, May 20

Good Evening,

It is after 7:30 pm and we have still not received the names of students who will be attending tomorrow’s scheduled meeting with the Provost and President. As is our usual practice for meetings with administrators, we requested these names by 10 am today in our correspondence on May 16th, 18th, and again today.

We have been clear that this meeting invitation was a sincere effort to have a conversation among the university administration and the students involved in the SAPP and Anti-ICE Coalitions who voluntarily ended the occupation of Garland Hall last week. Earlier today we provided you with the names of the administration’s attendees in a timely manner and we were looking forward to the opportunity for a discussion of the issues of concern to you.

To our great disappointment, however, you have by your actions effectively declined our offer to meet yet again – by refusing to provide the names of student attendees, continuing to insist on bringing unnamed advisors, and issuing a broad social media alert calling for the general public to attend.

The Provost and President have tried several times to make a good faith effort to meet with this group of students on issues of concern, and remain open to doing so. But we find it difficult to believe that you truly wish to engage in a thoughtful conversation and sharing of views under these circumstances.

Unfortunately, you have left us no choice but to postpone this meeting for now and try again at some point in the future.

Kevin G. Shollenberger
Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Message from Vice Provost Kevin G. Shollenberger Regarding a Meeting with Student Protesters, May 20

Good morning.

Thank you for your email. A reminder that this is a university event for students; student ID will be checked at the entrance. Please send us the names of your five to seven student representatives. This meeting will be livestreamed at

We look forward to our discussion on Tuesday. While the meeting is primarily with Provost Kumar and President Daniels, we hope to have a few others in the room to hear directly of your concerns and answer questions or provide follow-up as needed. To that end, Dean Smita Ruzicka and I will be there, and we are awaiting scheduling confirmation from a few senior colleagues with expertise or knowledge regarding security, community affairs, the police legislation and/or the ICE contracts. These may include, Rodney Hill from campus security, Tom Lewis or Michael Preston from community affairs, Steve Ruckman or Rianna Mathews-Brown from the provost’s and president’s offices, and senior leaders from the schools of Education and/or Medicine.


Kevin G. Shollenberger
Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Message from Vice Provost Kevin G. Shollenberger Regarding a Meeting with Student Protesters, with Attachment, May 18

Good evening.

I received your email last evening and want to reply again to ensure that we have a common understanding of the expectations for the time together with the university administration on Tuesday, May 21.

This meeting is part of an ongoing, good faith effort to hear the views of the entire university community, including student members of the recent protest. We have compiled for your information (see attached) a summary of the factual details regarding our repeated offers of direct dialogue with SAPP over the past year, through a variety of means, and our follow-through in hosting what we were told was the SAPP’s preferred setting for discussion – i.e., in public forums and with media present.

As you know, many other university and community stakeholders took us up on the offer to meet over the last year, and there will be more opportunities to do so ahead. We very much hope that you will participate in those sessions, as well as the meeting this coming Tuesday, but please understand that no one group of students will be privileged or prioritized above others in that context. There are many voices deserving of the opportunity to be heard and to provide input.

We sincerely welcome a substantive discussion of the issues of concern to you in a small group setting this week, but want to continue to be clear and direct with you that this is not (nor ever has been) an offer to enter into a negotiation.

As previously indicated, we will post the meeting correspondence on the provost’s office website, will provide live-stream, and will let you know of any other administrators who are able to join the Provost and President for the meeting and answer specific questions you may have. Questions regarding amnesty should be directed to Homewood Student Affairs. Please send the student participants list by 10 am Monday and remind the group to bring student ID for entry into FastForward U.


Kevin G. Shollenberger
Vice Provost for Student Affairs
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

See attached file, Students Against Private Police (SAPP) Outreach

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Recorded livestream, May 6, 2019


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