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The JHU Teaching Academy

“For me, the Teaching Academy at Hopkins has been one of the biggest value additions for career development as a postdoc at Johns Hopkins. I find the workshops very valuable and enriching.”

The Teaching Academy offers college teacher training and academic career preparation opportunities through courses, workshops, teaching practicums, teaching-as-research fellowships, and individual consultation services. Our programs and community are committed to developing and sharing teaching strategies that engage students, support improved learning outcomes, and foster inclusive classrooms.

The Teaching Academy is a flexible program that offers teaching development opportunities throughout the year and additional training through our partnership with The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL).

Consider enrolling in the Certificate of Completion track to enhance your advantage in today’s competitive academic job market.

All current JHU postdoctoral fellows can access this website for video recordings, resources and materials from select training sessions that are offered by the Teaching Academy


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