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View our SAIS Town Hall livestream here:

Future State Vision

In January of 2020, the SSEI Team hosted follow-up town halls to provide a progress update on the development of a shared services organization, as well as a general timeline of activities. Here is the recording of the broadcast at Bloomberg School of Public Health on January 17th:

As noted during the event, we will continue to take any questions you may have regarding the shared services organization and development! Check our FAQ page periodically for updates.

The overarching goal of the SSEI is to foster an environment that helps students make the most of their experience at Johns Hopkins. What could this experience potentially be?


  • Tailor experiences and information based on students’ behavior and stated preferences
  • Allow students to define their own journey
  • Build relationships through interactions that foster loyalty, trust and mutual understanding
  • Resolve complex situations with individual attention when self-service is not an option


  • Equip students with the right resources at the right time
  • Give students resources to resolve issues and manage processes themselves, so staff and faculty can focus on exceptional circumstances
  • Build students’ confidence with accessible and user-friendly experiences


  • Ensure that self-service options are speedy, seamless and do not place an unwarranted administrative burden on the student
  • Focus on time-savings for students and staff, taking lessons from current mobile technology and on-demand services
  • Streamline and coordinate services across divisions and departments

Interested in learning more about what the future holds in store for Hopkins? Email and we can set up some time to talk in more detail!

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